Chris Hemsworth to prepare for role in Hulk Hogan biopic by getting ass kicked by The Iron Shiek

Chris Hemsworth, the jabroni who was picked to play professional wrestler Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic, plans to prepare for the role by having his ass personally kicked by WWE Legend The Iron Sheik.
Hemsworth, a jabroni best known for playing the role of Thor in over a half-dozen Marvel films, was announced as the lead for the Todd Phillips-directed biopic about that jabroni Hogan last week. The usually reserved Sheik responded to the selection on Twitter by generously offering to suplex the jabroni to help him prepare for the role.

Hemsworth told The Brown Valley News that he was excited by the offer.
“A jabroni has to consider all of his options when preparing for a role like this one. Certainly my experience with the level of choreography necessary to pull off high-flying professional wrestling stunts like a Hulk Hogan leg drop or a Hulk Hogan finger wag or Hulk Hogan male-pattern balding is limited. And The Sheik is right, he was the one who got that jabroni Hogan ‘over’. I welcome The Iron Sheik’s generous offer to show me the proper procedure for performing a suplex, and hope that he continues on to humble me like he has with so many jabronis he has worked with in the past.”
At press time, The Sheik was undecided if he planned to break Hemsworth’s back or neck, but was certain he was going to show that jabroni how a real legend goes about things and make sure that jabroni was good and humble.

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