Finally! Fugazi to reunite for DC Police benefit concert

DC punk rock and hardcore fans were offered an opportunity to rejoice Wednesday when Fugazi frontman Ian Mackeye announced that the band would reunite to headline a charity show to benefit Washington police.
Slated to take place at the Howard Theater, “Punks For Police” will showcase several punk and hardcore artists to help provide crucial charity relief for the underfunded Metropolitan Police Department. A performance by DC straightedge legends Fugazi, on hiatus since 2002, is certain to pack the 1200+  seat theater.
“This is the kind of thing we always tried to do, to give a little back where we could to the streets that raised us,” Mackaye told a reporter from CVTO. “I’ve kept so busy with Dischord (Records, Mackaye’s record label), there’s hardly been time for any playing.  But I think this was the perfect storm, the perfect opportunity for us to dust off our bones and our chops a little.”
“This is a great cause, an important cause for the whole DC community. I think I have tried to convey through all of my projects that while the youth might be disaffected, we need to treat our community law enforcement with respect and ardor.”
Fugazi will be joined by several bands and seminal punk performers at the event, including side projects from Henry Rollins and a set by MDC. Numerous local band are expected to fill the early time slots at the 8-10 hour May event.
“It might be a little rough this go,” Mackaye joked, referencing the band’s reputation for tightly-played performances. “We haven’t exactly done this in a while.”
The news came less than 24 hours after it was announced that Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty would play on the upcoming “MC50” tour, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the MC5. The tour will also feature Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil and King’s X alumni Dug Pinnick alongside vocalist Marcus Durant and original MC5 members Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson.
“As soon as I heard, I was like, oh my God!” declared 25 year old District resident Haydyn Grella. “Not only am I going to get a chance to see Brendan play with this group of old-time musicians, I’m going to get to see my faves, Fugazi, for the first time with a lot of other old-time punk bands. Oh. My. God!”
DC Police chief Peter Newsham applauds the concert and says the city will gladly provide security support at the venue, both inside and out.
“Aside from the well-needed funding, we’re also looking forward to the fact that a concert like this will keep a lot of our problems in the city contained within a one-block radius for the evening. That’s like a second contribution, all by itself,” Newsham stated.

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