Trump comes unhinged in series of tweets about Funyuns

Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday afternoon in a series of graphic Tweets that reflected his disdain for the residual odor associated with Funyuns onion-flavored snacks.
“Frito-Lay, I’m putting you on notice. Your Funyuns snacks smell truly horrible!” Trump Tweeted shortly after noon Monday.
funyuns 0

While some Twitter followers jumped to point out that there is no evidence to support the President’s claim that Funyuns is “tanking” (the snack enjoyed over 3% growth in sales in 2017), some followers agreed that this was the president’s least controversial Tweet in months.
But Trump wasn’t done tearing into Frito-Lay, almost immediately following with a graphic description of the odor …funyuns 1

…and an unhinged claim about the effects Funyuns consumption has on the male anatomy that left many followers feeling “awkward”.funyuns 2

With the Twitterverse abuzz about the President’s “inappropriate” comments, some followers suggested that Trump might alleviate his Funyuns-related issues by washing his hands before using the restroom. Trump labelled them “complainers”.funyuns 3

The tweets were met with varied responses, mostly along party lines.
“While I would love to agree with (the President) on this, I’m not sure why he chose to be the messenger. This sounds more like something we should be learning from Charlie Sheen, not the POTUS” one reporter tweeted.
Another follower commented that he was “amazed that washing onion powder off of your hands before peeing has become a partisan issue.”
An avid Trump supporter agreed with the President, responding on the President’s Twitter threads, “I know! My thing smells like onions all the time! #MAGA #TrumpTrain woot woot!”

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