President Trump: “I would have wrestled stingray, saved Steve Irwin’s life.”

President Trump told a gathering of reporters at the White House Monday that, in spite of personal limitations, he would have wrestled the Batt Reef stingray that killed Steve Irwin in 2006 and saved the beloved Crocodile Hunter’s life.

“Even though I cannot swim, I would have jumped right into that reef water or whatever you call it and used my brute strength to overpower that stingray before he could harm such a beautiful man,” Trump told the amazed crowd.
Trump previously wowed White House crowds by telling them that he would have strong-armed 9/11 terrorists and flown each of their planes to a careful landing before high-fiving President Bush while Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” blared in the background.
“I realize there were something like four or five planes, but I still think I could have pulled it off,” Trump insisted.

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