Man wonders if any of his friends on social media has an opinion on gun control


CLUNGE, Va — Following a string of tragedies dating back more than 20 years, Phil Brady has developed an opinion on gun control, but is unsure if any of his friends on social media would be interested in hearing an opinion on the topic.

Brady, a cashiers assistant from Clunge, Virginia, is connected with almost 600 friends on social media, but admits he is reticent to log on and voice his own opinions on gun control.

“In my experience (gun control) is not an issue people usually seem interested in or ready to participate in a conversation on, so I think that would be doubly true in an online environment where people are limited in breadth of speech due to to the text characters, and where there’s no ability to properly identify and recognize the emotions that the other users are dealing with. So, there’s no real way for me to get a good idea about the vibe.”

Brady has had a Facebook account for nearly 7 years. He reports he has been avoiding reading his News Feed since 2012, instead choosing to just look at his own posts and photographs and individually stalk clients.

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