Househusband hopes wife remembers Nintendo-themed Valentine’s gift this year

Anxious househusband Brian Bibb can hardly wait until his wife gets home to see what she got him for Valentine’s Day.
“If she has the extra money we’ll probably go out for a casual dinner, but it’s no secret that I’m hoping for another Nintendo Valentine’s gift basket like year before last.”
The basket, a gift from Brian’s wife Liz, mostly featured character’s from the game company’s popular Super Mario lineup, and sat next to Brian’s gaming television through mid-May.

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Brian gushed that the basket was “super sweet” and that he felt like it showed how much Liz appreciates his occasional efforts around the house.
“It’s great to feel appreciated for all the … you know, stuff I do sometimes around here.”
He shamefully admits that he did “give Liz the business” for getting him a different gift — a personal grooming kit — last year.
“I made her cry a little. I didn’t mean for it to go that far,” Brian confessed.
Despite last year’s incident, Brian’s hopes have not been dashed.
“The guys were over playing X-Box earlier and we all talked about it,” Brian admitted. “Charlie’s wife gets him game-themed t-shirts and that’s always cool, but we all have great memories of the basket Liz bought me the one year. Man, I really hopes she remembers!”
While he reportedly doesn’t discuss it often, Brian has previously confided to friends that video game-themed gifts have essentially replaced the sex that has been noticeably absent from his relationship since about four months after he left his last job three years ago.

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