Developing: disgruntled firearm opens fire in Florida classroom


A firearm attending class today at a high school in Florida became aggravated and opened fire on classmates and faculty.
At the time of this writing, it is unclear how many persons were injured, although local officials have named it a “Class 3 Casualty Event”. A Class 3 event indicates mass casualties, indicating more than 20 were wounded by the disgruntled firearm.
“We’ve attempted to ban guns on the premises before, and we thought we were very clear on that, but they keep finding their way onto the campus,” said one school representative. “You’d think someone in administration would be making better checks before seating them in our classrooms.”
The firearm was reported to be in police custody shortly after 4pm local time. Police have yet to establish a motive for what triggered the firearm, who other students report was was usually quiet and complacent in the classroom setting.

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