Gene Simmons addresses accusations: “Two? I’ve harassed thousands women, and I have photos to prove it!”


Gene Simmons, appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday morning, responded to claims made by two women that he had sexually harassed them at public functions.

The women, Mary McGlynn and Tess Fowler, registered their claims via viral Twitter posts, and later published on Metal Injection.

Despite a recent altercation resulting in Gene being issued a lifetime ban from MSNBC rival, FOX, the harassment issue was front and central during Gene’s MSNBC appearance. Host Joe Scarborough opened the interview by angrily repeating the Tweets and demanding a response from the KISS frontman.

“Well, thanks for having me on the Morning Joe, and I just wanted to let you all know how much I loved Obama before I get into this entire ridiculous situation,” Gene started. “That’s .. that’s who we’re for here, right? Obama and the pantsuit lady? Those are my people. Anyway, Joe, thank you for bringing those tweets up. I think it’s no secret that I am a sexual creature, a very sexual creature, I advertise it, I promote it, I carry it with me, this very sexual, you know, thing — in fact, I’m working up some mental frustration over Mika right as we sit here — and the entire idea that only two women have come forward is honestly embarrassing to me. Joe, I can guarantee you, I have sexually harassed at least 10,000 women, and I have photographs to prove it.

“Women, they’re … they’re so stupid, they’re so petty. They know who I am and they know what I’ve done and mostly they’re not coming forward because they think it will embarrass me, personally, if people think Harvey Weinstein was sexually harassing more choice ass than Gene Simmons. Let me assure you, that is simply not true. I harassed those women, Joe. This is just like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, people are just waiting as long as possible to give me my due. I may have to picket.”

Gene described a series of photo albums which contain thousands of photographs of him “fondling a buttock here, grabbing a tit there.”

“These women want it, they see me, they know I’ve got the money, the prestige, the power, and they want it. They know they want it just like you know they want it. Mika wants it, just look at her sitting there, pouting. Joe, when women see me, they see the God of Thunder, and they just crave some of what I have, and I’ve never been one to leave someone hungry, Joe. I don’t know what you believe in, Joe, but I’m with … you know, I’m with the black guy, whatshisname, and we don’t believe in starving people, or letting women down.”

“But let me tell you what women really want, Joe … they want the Gene Simmons Vault, my new exclusive 38 pound CD box set — yes, really, it’s 38 pounds — hand delivered to their homes, and for just $50,000 I can do it Joe, and they can bring in up to 9 of their most attractive friends and I’ll show up at their home and hand deliver a Gene Simmons Vault and a healthy helping of me, because let’s face it … what else do they want to meet me for? They want the Vault, and a big slice of Dr. Love to go with it.”

Gene’s response to the accusation sent waves through the media, which mostly met his statement positively.

A staff writer from Jezebel, a leading feminist publication, tweeted that she found Gene’s response “refreshing and honest,and its good to hear that his vote sides with women’s issues.”

Female cast members from NBC’s long-running Saturday Night Live also signed a letter of support for Simmons, similarly chiming in about Gene’s political dedication to women’s issues.

#IWantedIt trended on Twitter for much of the morning.

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