Three removed from Ash City Sci-Fi convention for Confederacy cosplay

A trio of “Trekkies” in attendance at the 5th Annual Ash City Sci-Fi Convention were forcibly removed after fellow convention-goers expressed concern about their attire.
The Star Trek fans in question were wearing costumes that depicted them as members of the Breen Confederacy, a fictional collective of slave masters and overlords who appeared in Star Trek programs.
The trio — Will Finkel, 26; Tyler Davenport, 30, and Adam Kravitz, 42 — were asked to remove their outfits or leave. When the trio hesitated, security forced them to exit, including using a taser device on Davenport.
“That really (expletive) me up” reported Davenport, who spoke before a small gathering in Ash City.
“I think that, you know, with the metal and electronics in my full headgear, it really gave me a zap,” said the man, who confessed to having been tased before, to “much lesser effect”.
“I, personally, do not understand,” said Kravitz. “Clearly the Breen Confederacy had questionable practices, but it’s a part of intergalactic history, and it’s a chapter in Star Trek history that we can’t continue to shutter ourselves from. It happened. You can’t just un-write intergalactic history.”

“Breen”, intergalactic assholes.

Event organizer Nathan Gorblitz agreed with the decision to have the gentlemen removed.
“I saw them coming in and I was hoping my eyes deceived me and they were just bad Boushh cosplays from Star Wars, but nope, they were representing the (expletive) Breen Confederacy. Who the hell even does that?” Gorblitz stated.
“I’m as into cosplay as the next guy — especially when a juggy Seven-of-Nine or a smoking hot Kamala struts her way through — but some things just aren’t appropriate. The Breen Confederacy stole inhabitants from foreign lands and enslaved them in mines. I don’t think I need to say it, but it’s a really dark chapter in intergalactic history. No one wants to be reminded of the Breen or their legacy of oppression.
“Some of the other attendees came forward and said they were extremely uncomfortable, they were upset that they were in the presence of Breen and they wanted us to do something, so we acted in accordance to what we feel best represented intergalactic law.”
Gorblitz continued: “As the Romulans will tell you, you just can’t turn your back on a Breen. There are lots of weapons here, stuff like phasers, disruptor pistols. Those bloodless assholes are obsessed with weapons and violence, and they can’t be trusted in a room where there’s access to both Klingons and type III disruptors. I don’t think I have to tell you what type of scene would ensue. The decision to use force to remove these violent characters from our venue was easy.”
No charges have been filed by either party, although the affected trio say they are looking into their options.
“If I could, I’d have them assimilated by the Borg,” a dejected Kravitz stated.

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