Are You Gullible? Take this survey to determine how your gullibility factor!

Thank you for taking our gullibility survey!
In the age of fake news, this is a quick and fun way for you and your friends to determine your gullibility factor.
Please scroll down for the survey.







You are gullible!

Unlike other surveys, we are not going to bother scanning your news feed.
It’s completely unnecessary.
You are exactly the kind of person who would open this clickbait-style article under the impression that clickbait is designed to accurately determine anything about your life as opposed to just mining your social media for information.
Clickbait cannot accurately determine your age based on your interests, guess what dead singer you most resemble, or tell you which of your friends is secretly your enemy (it’s Brianna).
But we can assure you, they all determine one thing:
You’re gullible.

Don’t feel too bad.
You’re not the only one.
In fact, we’ll be monitoring how many people “fall for it” by opening this article.

Please, check back later as we’ll be routinely updating the count of “hits” this article gets.

This article was published on August 4, 2017, with a view count of 0.

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