CNN’s Acosta, Trump Aide Miller get in heated exchange over poem on bathroom wall

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta got into a heated round with Trump aide Stephen Miller at Thursday’s White House briefing during a discussion of US immigration policy.
Acosta took difference with statements Miller relayed during the briefing, and assailed the Trump aide with poetry he’d taken from a restroom wall at McDonald’s.

A fellow who sailed the brown seas
Set up shop where he could just feel a breeze
But if he pays his tax
No amount of Ex-Lax
Can make that brown soul up and leave

“The limerick on the crapper wall clearly states that no amount of laxatives can make a brown fellow leave the country so long as he pays his tax. Are you saying that McDonald’s isn’t an American enough company?” Acosta barked.
Miller countered, decrying Acosta’s assessment. “Of course McDonald’s is a fine, upstanding-tax-paying company, and were proud to have them here. But not only are you adding spin, but that poem was just written there in the past week, I was just in that toilet dropping the kids off at the pool last Wednesday, Jim.”
The now-famous graffiti, assumed to be written by StreetBoy StiffDick, who had tagged the bathroom in numerous other spots, has become a popular near-Capitol Hill attraction among politicians who claim they would much rather read restroom walls than actually leaf through the bills that they vote upon daily.
“Every man and a few of the women here, in the media and in Congress, have this poem served to memory,” Acosta stated. “It’s become a bastion of everything the media stands for, and the media is what’s most important right now. How can you dare discredit what this limerick means to American immigration policy, and more importantly, to the media?”
“Not only is that poem not representative of any actual policy, but I’m pretty sure that poem is just about constipation and prairie dogging,” Miller offered.
“What’s next, Jim? Do we start legislating based around ‘Now I Sit Here, Broken Hearted’?

Video of the exchange can be viewed here.

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