Horror rockers Misfits to open for Bret Michaels on winter tour

Seminal rocker Bret Michaels announced Friday via his website that popular (and recently reunited) horror outfit Misfits would be joining Michaels on his winter “Make America Rock Again” tour.
The Misfits, long popular in underground circles, gained big traction after a long-awaited reunion with original singer Glenn Danzig at 2016’s Riot Fest in Denver. Crowds have been expecting the band to tour, and it looks like their wishes will be granted to the tune of a 20-30 minute opening set on 36 dates of Bret’s arena tour.
This could be huge for the aging horror band, who never achieved any serious fame while they were active in the early 1980s. Despite having their music covered by bands like AFI, Metallica, and Guns n’ Roses,  Misfits never had a real chance to shine and their influence still fails to rival that of the infectious metal grooves that Bret and his legendary gender-bending glam band Poison achieved during the 1980s and 1990s.
Brett revealed in the press release that he had also looked into getting Jani Lane, formerly of Warrant, to open the shows with an acoustic set, only to discover that Jani has been dead for over six years.
“Who the hell knew Jani was dead? I mean, shit!” Michaels stated in his press release.
Reached by telephone, Misfits’ Jerry Only confirmed the touring arrangement, and seemed genuinely excited.
“We — that’s Glenn and the rest of us — we really wanted to bring this show to the fans, and we felt like this tour provided us with the best opportunity. We’re considered a punk band but we really crossed over, you know, our music seemed like it had a lot of pull with metal fans, too. And Bret, he’s a pretty metal guy. We thought this is it, this is what we’ve been waiting for.”
Vocalist Glenn Danzg, who went on to post-Misfits fame as frontman for his own band, Danzig, spoke more somberly. “I’m really excited, but fuck, did you hear about Jani? I mean, I’m really broken up, man. I’m going to get with Jerry and see if we can do something, maybe cover Cherry Pie on the road.”
While a full lineup has not yet been announced, Bret’s tour is expected to run through January and February and cover much of the east coast and midwestern states. The press release failed to make mention of any intention to tour the west coast or deep south.

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