CNN hosts to perform jet skiing stunts on new weekly program

CNN announced today that it intends to premier an hour of programming this Saturday featuring several of their hosts and contributors participating in water-skiing events and stunts.
A CNN representative posted an announcement for the “CNN on Water” program on CNN’s website earlier today. The article included an ad where several hosts, including Anderson Cooper, Van Jones, and even conservative host Jeffrey Lord, discussed why it is important that the public remembers that “behind all of this rugged news work, we’re all just regular people.” According to Lord, “It’s important sometimes for people to recognize that we’re not just robots with an agenda, we’re regular people just like them. We like, you know, water and other stuff, too.”
The network hopes that this is the kind of PR they need after viewers and online users alike gave the network some heat over doxxing a Redditor who they believe made a video depicting President Trump punching an image of the network’s logo.
The network made their exposé of the Redditor their top story on July 4.

cnn cover
CNN’s website used a story about CNN doxxing a Redditor as their top news headline on July 4 and July 5.

However, on July 5, #CNNBlackmail, a hashtag concerning CNN’s handling of the incident, shot to the top of Twitter’s “Trending” list, bypassing #ThingsISayAfterIFart.
The event, which CNN reps have insisted they hope to make into a weekly program, will feature their hosts lounging around in swimwear while they talk about unscripted issues while getting together to do “awesome water-ski stunts”. The stunts will include synchronized water skiing, pyramids, and ring jumps.
“CNN on Water” will premier Saturday, July 8, with a “blockbuster episode” where the CNN staff meets up with Henry Winkler and make a team-run at his famous Happy Days water-skiing stunt from a 1977 episode of Happy Days entitled “Hollywood Part 3”.


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