ISIS Claims Responsibility For Griffin’s Joke That Bombed

As of 5:08pm eastern on May 31, a spokesman for ISIS has confirmed that the group is claiming responsibility for Kathy Griffin’s controversial photograph depicting the comedienne holding a severed and bloody head that bore resemblance to President Donald Trump.


Abdul Ayawi-Didit, an ISIS spokesman who runs a confectionery in Paris, confirmed in a press release that the group was “more than proud to be involved in a Hollywood bomb of these proportions”.

Ayawi-Didit stated in the release that ISIS would love to have their name associated with “any such public bomb which negatively impacts the Hollywood infidels and promotes death to the leader of the western world,” adding, “we recognize the fingerprints of our influence.”

The grotesque photograph has become a PR nightmare for Griffin, who was terminated from her job on cable news stalwart CNN.

“Now that ISIS has claimed responsibilty, I’m sunk,” Griffin proclaimed. “Where does a career go from here? Who would hire me? MSNBC?”

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