Is Your Cat Racist? Here’s How to Find Out

According to an article published this week on the CNN website, America’s feline community is experiencing a swell in racism and other feelings of general resentment.
The poll, released Tuesday, concluded that 100% of cats who identify as having conservative beliefs also harbor feelings of deep hatred towards minority communities, and could reasonably be classified as traditionally racist or neo-fascist.
The same poll, however, found that many of their human counterparts were oblivious to the bitterness and hate what their furry friends are feeling, leaving many to ponder: how exactly does one determine whether or not his pet is harboring ideological hate?
Trigger Alert enlisted the assistance of Opal Ford, a noted cat psychologist who recently published Feline Sociology: What Cats Do When Their Humans Are Absent — which has a chapter on feline racism —to help our readers better determine whether or not their cat is secretly hoping for “Gray Tabby Only” public drinking fountains.
Here is a bullet list of five things Ms. Ford suggested you could look for:

Is your cat’s fur usually white or orange?
White and orange are the preferred colors for cats to wear to communicate with other cats that they are united in opposition to race-mixing or integration. Some cats are also known to wear speed-lace military boots or red suspenders or to even shave the tops of their heads to communicate that they desire to seek out other racist cats in order to perform hate crimes.
Does your cat enjoy eating food from cans?
Your little bundle may be experiencing the delusion that he is enlisted with the Third Reich or a similar military regiment, eating from a knapsack and preparing to invade Poland.
Does your cat occasionally bury brown things in dirt, sand, or litter?
The Ku Klux Klan reports that pet membership is on the rise. Your cat may be pretending he is in a heavily wooded area recreating a ritual Klan burial. In fact, many cats have been known to sleep all day and then rise and become active in the evening and nighttime hours, which is traditionally the schedule upon which the Klan burns crosses on the lawns of those to whom they are ideologically or biologically opposed.
Does your cat occasionally go on rants about the extermination of the Jewish people, or rationalize the benefits of Adolf Hitler’s tenure of power?
He may just seem well read, but this is sometimes an indication of your cat developing an growing unease with Semitic people.
Did you register your cat to vote as a Democrat but he or she still voted for Donald Trump?
That fucking cat is definitely racist as shit! Anti-fa will be at your house in no time to smoke him out of your basement and flog him.


One thought on “Is Your Cat Racist? Here’s How to Find Out

  1. I knew it. I fucking KNEW IT. And all you who say this is Fake News, you are just normalizing the neo-feline-fascist hegemony that has overtaken our country. And of course a racist cat community can still vote for a black cat president, IT’S JUST SO THEY CAN APPEAR LESS RACIST THAN THEY ACTUALLY REALLY WANT TO BE!! Case closed, illuminati confirmed, wet mules cant steal green beans and yolo420XD


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