Facebook activist combats racism by telling everyone what pieces of crap white people are

Sick of racial attitudes in America, Facebook activist Tanner Nichols has now reposted over 200 articles and links on the social network to let all of his friends know what absolute pieces of crap white people are.

“Right now, (the group) is just 84 men and women with sweater vests, facial hair, and an idea,” said Tanner Nichols, 25.

Nichols, a 25 year old Caucasian barista from Port Orchard, Washington, first became aware of black people in 2012, and recently became concerned about them again.
“Black people in America have a very distinct history. They’re a beautiful people who should be revered and fawned over like kittens,” said Nichols. “Racism is a distinctly white attitude of hatred, and it’s disgusting how the filthy white supremacists have chosen paths ranging from microaggressions to total intolerance. White people are the most disgusting group in the world, wallowing in their own ignorance.”
Tanner, whose parents Phil and Margery own a popular lampshade gallery in Seattle, has formed a small collective of like-minded friends to discuss race issues.
“It’s great. I made a Facebook group that encourages speaking out against white people and white attitudes. We have members from Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Maine, and Vermont so far, all ready to embrace the beauty of blackness and other ethnic cultures and to tell the white man that his mind must change or his time on planet Earth must end.”
Nichols has been moderating the group since July 2016, and is now shifting his focus towards organizational efforts.
“So far, we mostly chat on Facebook, although I have been trying to get some of the group together at a local Starbucks. I think that would be a beautiful thing, to have group meetings where we could sip Pike’s Place without cream and brainstorm ways to let other white people know that, as a race, they’re destroying civilization with their egocentrism.”
Nichols’ group, which he has sourced by adding friends he finds in Bernie Sanders and CNN Faceook comment threads, has surpassed 80 members, which Nichols sees as a success.
“Right now, we’re just 84 men and women with sweater vests, facial hair, and an idea, but every idea has to start somewhere. We have room to grow, and we simply must. That is why my group moderation model is one that embraces diversity. Diversity in ideas is important so long as it those ideas are the consensus. In fact, we had a beautiful individual of African heritage join the group for a few days just a couple of weeks ago. We were all pretty proud of that. Everyone told him in every way imaginable how much we loved him and how much we identified with his plight. We apologized for other white people and we apologized for ourĀ  own privilege. I even sent him $280 on Paypal just as a token of good faith, a few others gave too, although he deserves so much more in terms of reparations. I think his social account got deleted, though, because I can’t track him down now.”
“I’m just trying to create some kind of sanctuary, you know? Some little space where its safe for people of color to come and congregate and see that there are a few rare decent white people like myself, a place where they can feel safe to speak with us, vote with us, ask us questions, condemn our skin and the inherent privilege that comes with it, or maybe even vote in accord with us. Did I say that twice? Little slip, probably because it’s so important that they vote with us.”
Nichols admits that it’s difficult for one person to reverse an attitude that he sees as universal, but it’s a weight he’s been willing to carry for now.
“Of course, it’s a huge task, letting white people know that everything they’ve been, everything they are, everything they stand for and represent is so awful and intolerable. And that’s a hard reality for many of them to face. They seem reticent to embrace the idea that they are the root cause of every problem in the world. This wickedness is born into them, and it will take a lot to change their attitudes and to reverse years of brainwashing they’ve received about particular groups. But I signed up for this, this is a task I am up for.”
Asked how many minds he needs to mend, Nichols answered without hesitation.
“Conservatively? I’d say it’s 98% or 99% or more. Almost every single one of them.
“Except for me and my friends. We’re the only ones who aren’t racist. Our attitude is perfect.”

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