President-elect Trump asks supporters to “stop” low-energy hate speech

President-elect Trump made his stance on a reported spike in hate speech since his election very clear, with a two word response: “Stop it.”
Trump’s request comes amid numerous claims from across the country of the use of slurs and inflammatory language towards minority groups since his election on November 8. It’s undetermined whether there has been a spike in hate speech or merely a spike in reporting it, but the President-Elect was prepared for no excuses.
“It’s not right,” said the real estate mogul who forged an upset electoral-college win in the 2016 election, “We ran a high energy campaign, and now I’m hearing about all this low-energy hate speech.”
“I ran a campaign, a good campaign, maybe not a great one, but a good one. Look at where we are today, it’s good enough, don’t you think? And I kept the energy high, it was full throttle, I pushed really hard and I showed them that I have the energy to do the job, I have so much energy, just this incredible energy,” the president-elect explained during one of his first televised interviews since election night.
“Now what is this I’m hearing? Kids chanting build a wall? Some clown puts up a sign that says Trump’s America Whites Only? They’re hacks. They’re not saying anything I haven’t already said.”
“It’s unoriginal, very uninventive hate speech. It’s very low energy, it’s very inappropriate, and it’s very disappointing. You’re not going to get very far in the world with hate speech like that. Parroted hate speech like that would have been out of the primaries by April. It would have been sitting in the losers corner with that gruesomely deformed Fiorina … thing. Remember that broad? Jesus, what a face!”
The president lamented that the media had driven people to “unfairly” make people think he is a racist.
“I have a friend, really good friend, great guy, but he’s, you know, some sort of big-league racist, that’s what people are telling me. And he’s telling me he doesn’t get it. He says he was told there was some ‘good old fashioned white nationalism’ in the race this year, but he was really, really disappointed. He said he was tired of the loony liberals — that’s what he called them — he says he’s tired of them sounding off so many false alarms and getting him worked up about nothing. So if he thinks I’m not a racist, then I don’t know, what do you think?”
“Look, we’re going to build a wall and keep the rapists out, we’re going to reform immigration to keep the terrorists out, and after we’re done, if you think we’re not better off as a nation, by all means, we’ll listen to whatever level of hate speech you have in your hearts, and we’ll adjust our policies accordingly,” the president-elect offered, showing his willingness to reach out to different sectors of his electorate.

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