Hillary seen cheering for Apollo Creed in fight against Ivan Drago

Relinquishing one of her first moments of private life after a lengthy public career, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton invited reporters into her Chappaqua, NY estate Monday afternoon to observe her and husband Bill in a relaxed home environment.
Putting a cassette into her VCR, Hillary sat back with her hubby and watched a prize fight between boxers Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago.
“I really hope Creed takes him out,” Hillary confessed.
“Look at that slick Russian son-of-a-bitch,” she commented as the two entered the ring. “I mean, Creed’s a little outdated, and I’m not sure there’s a lot of substance there, but I know he’s going to beat the hell out of that big, meaty Russian bastard.”
Hillary seemed to ham it up for cameras as the competitors met in the ring, showing a lighter side of herself rarely seen by the public. Reporters snapped photos of Mrs. Clinton throwing faux-punches into the air as the two began to fight.
“You’ve got this, Apollo! He’s meat! It’s all yours!” the 2016 presidential candidate chanted.
At press time, Hillary was reportedly curled up in the fetal position on her living room floor.

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