Cookie Monster has Twitter meltdown over US election results

Just one day after endorsing Hillary Clinton in a last minute push to get the former Secretary of State elected, popular pastry-loving character Cookie Monster took to Twitter in an angry rampage, insulting American voters who selected Republican President Elect Donald Trump over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
Cookie Monster, the children’s entertainer who has recently been asked to apologize for previous Twitter rants, began tweeting at 12:45pm eastern, and by 1:20 declared he was “breaking into bourbon balls”. From there, his tweets degenerated into angry, hate-fueled rhetoric.
It remains to be seen how the Children’s Television Workshop or HBO will handle this latest Twitter meltdown. CTW has employed Cookie Monster since 1969, comprising 47 years of his 50 year career in American media. HBO recently assumed the rights to Sesame Street, the educational program with which Cookie Monster has long been associated.

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