Trump voters attacked during early polling in VA; Governor McAuliffe: “No clear motive.”

Voters at several east coast polling stations were attacked during early morning polling on November 8, including at 5 polling stations in Virginia, considered by many to be a “swing” or “battleground” state.
Police units across numerous eastern cities say they have found no common link between the attacks, excepting that those attacked were wearing clothing or buttons supporting Republican candidate Donald Trump.
“It’s a real curiosity,” a press release from Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe stated. “There’s no clear motive available at this time. There’s just no way to know how or why these attacks are happening.”
According to the release from McAuliffe’s office, “if the violence continues, we’ll be forced to deploy the National Guard to bring voters wearing Trump gear in for their own safety.”
Louis Tippett of Ruckersville, Virginia, witnessed one of the attacks outside of his polling station, which led to the hospitalization of longtime resident Jim Marshall.
“Five people showed up — maybe six or seven, math isn’t my strong suit — and pounced right the hell onto my buddy Jim. They were kicking and hollering at him, one of them hit him in the head with a sign that said ‘Love Trumps Hate’ maybe five or nine times. It was horrible.”
“Blood was everywhere. I think they done ruined Jimmy’s only good shirt.”
Officer Robert Starch, who showed up after the melee had happened, reported that the attackers claimed to be victims.
“They said they can’t stand for the hate speech,” Starch reported. “They said they were victimized by (Mr. Marshall’s) thoughts.”
“This ain’t a real big town. I know Jimmy, I know Jimmy’s family. Jimmy’s out of work, he’s mostly just voting for manufacturing jobs to return to the US,” Starch stated.
“Yeah, yeah, ‘jobs'”, sneered one of the protestors. “We’ve been watching the network news, we know what ‘jobs’ means. It’s code for ‘total genocide of blacks and Hispanics.’ These old whiteys are disgusting, racist trash and the world will be better off when they’re all dead or in prison where they belong.”
“The police showing up, that’s just par for the course,” indicated another protestor. “This proves that the police are complicit in allowing all this hate and violence from the Trump supporters!”
When one reporter indicated that Marshall was reportedly “just standing there”, a protestor exclaimed, “That’s how it starts! With violent thoughts! He was wearing a Trump For Jobs button, that’s how it all starts!”
Upon the arrival of police on the scene, several protestors holed-up inside the polling station, insisting that it was now a “safe space” and declaring asylum there, challenging the police to arrest them.
“We’re trying to figure out what to do about that,” Officer Starch said. “This is small-town America, we’ve never had an official safe space before and we’re making calls to the big city find out what kind of laws apply to them.”
One protestor, who chose to remain anonymous pending getting off scot-free after the attack, stated “the police monitoring our safe space is a real inconvenience, I really need to check my PayPal and go buy a Swatch.”
Asked who she planned to vote for, one protestor insisted that she wanted a lawyer present before answering any questions.

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