Cookie Monster makes last minute pitch for Hillary Clinton

In a last minute endorsement, well-known children’s entertainer Cookie Monster called in his support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on a morning radio show out of Stump Lick, Kentucky.
“Me like Clinton. Clinton start with C. What America waiting for?” the popular Sesame Street star asked morning host Sheila Steele during the Morning Drive on WRDR.
“Me like cookie cutter. Me no like carrot,” said the monster.
“Cookie cutter start with C, too. You need cookie cutter to make cookie. Choice very obvious.”
Cookie Monster, the 68 year old son of German immigrants, has recently come under fire for a campaign of angry political rants on the popular Twitter platform. Recently he was forced to issue a series of apologize Tweets to a number of celebrities he had offended, but this morning was very calm as he spoke about the Clinton campaign.


“Lot and lot of corruption very cookie cutter politics,” the furry, lovable monster contended. “It make Cookie Monster very proud to vote for cookie cutter. Cookie cutter always start of wonderful thing for all of cookie cutter friend. I hope Secretary Clinton think of Cookie Monster as a friend when she President Clinton.”
While he admitted his endorsement comes a little late in the game, Cookie said he hopes all of his monster friends hear this and consider voting for the former Secretary of State. His endorsement rounds out the “usual characters” among the popular monster endorsements, with Cookie Monster joining Michael Moore in endorsing Clinton, while Rush Limbaugh endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump.




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